exist because we discovered how important the strategic and tactical knowledge is when it comes to match play. And not least, how very little effort that is put on coaching players in these skills.

Take two even players. When they play a match against each other it is likely that strategy and tactics along with the psyche will determine the outcome of the game: Who wins.

When clubs don’t have the resources to attend every players’ matches and parents not being the most suitable to coach their children in tactics and strategy: Then there’s a gap. That is the gap we want to fill.

We are there before matches and during matches. After matches we give the player feedback on the positive sides of the game, along with some food for thought.

We don’t coach technique or physic. On special occasions we can give conversations pieces to discuss with the club and the tennis coach related to technique.

Matchcoach is for the player. Not for the parent and head coach.